Sanford Lawrence

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In 1939, the Whitestone Bridge opened, linking a quiet suburban outpost of New York City with mainland America. Two decades later, when Sanford Lawrence was born, it wasn't the bridge that cast a long shadow, but World War II.

Sandy was determined to outpace the darkness and live in the bright light of America's suburban dream. In this charming, nostalgic and sometimes very funny memoir, he recounts a childhood of mischief and daring, learning and loving, standing up to bullies and coming of age ... set to a soundtrack of Beatles songs and Elvis worship.

Perhaps most important of all is the friendship this Jewish son of an American soldier forged with the son of a German soldier—a bond that has lasted a lifetime.

For baby boomers, nostalgia fans and indeed anyone who enjoys an easy-reading journey of fond memories, The Whitestone Bridge offers an irresistible ride.

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